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wtf! how this website works? #

easy peacy! use the browser navigation (back, history, ...)

this website consists mostly of pictures, and links almost everywhere, like www in old time was thinked.
- best ist to use yur brain (where i'am? where i have been? and most: where i wanted to go?)
- browser history may support?
- >back< should at least go 1 step back.
enjoy it!

a-hhhhaaaaaaaa! and what is here? #

the visual-documentation of go-east.
my need of having distance to my country and doing something sensfull. enjoy it!

e-hhhheeee! and what if i have more questions? #

pls use the contact-infos.
thanks and all the best to us all. lgs

wo sind dann die chogä links versteckt? #

sie sind, wie üblich im internet, hinter etwas. meist hinter einem ad, dass dir etwas verkaufen will.
bastle dir dein eigenes css, so wie du die links gern angezeigt haben magst (farbe, text, symbol, ...).
das ist das geile am internet. wir sollten sorge tragen dafür.

warum ist die website so schnell? #

vergleiche mal den source code dieser website mit dem code einer anderen site. diese sites sind von hand gebaut. so minimal wie möglich und ohne javascript oder sonstig üblem zeugs. das macht die sites schnell, wenn auch das runterladen von audio/video seine zeit braucht.

warum ist das aussehen und verhalten der sites nicht immer gleich? #

diese website ist von hand gebaut. und hand-made hat es an sich, dass es mal so, mal so kommt. auch schön! :)

under what license is the content on this site? #

if not otherwise written, the content on this website stays under cc-by-sa feel free to use it as written in the license notes. happy open source!

what about privacy and others? #


responsible for the website: stof999.

owner of the domain: stof999

liability for content: stof999.
the contents of our website have been created with care. however, we cannot guarantee that the content is correct, complete and up to date.

liability for external links: we do not guarantee external links. we are not responsible for the content of such websites or their possible use.

credits goes to:
open source community and a lot of other people. thank you!

privacy notice:

we store nothing! what others do is not up to us. but we can help you to stay save.