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what's here? #

here i will documentate the building of my vardo in india.

background: i like to buy a small plot in sadri and to build a small house on it. since this could be take longer (the buying!) i have the idea of build a home on wheel. makes me more flexible. when finish, i go ask a farmer if i can put my vardo somewhere on his land. if there trouble coming, just move further :) and after for living with the nomadic camel herder such a house could also be interesting.

what is a vardo? #

vardos are the romani wagon (wikipedia) called. a home on wheel. bauwagen oder zirkuswagen in german. but i do not like the term caravan, since this kind of vehicle mostly looking very ugly. so therefore my vardo will look nice :)

some pics?

Riche_verdine.jpg public domain wikimedia

1024px-Loewenzahn_Bauwagen.jpg CC BY-SA 3.0 Matthias Voss

1024px-Burning_Man_2013_Mutant_Gypsy_Wagon_10226923924.jpg CC BY 2.0 Jennifer Morrow

requirements #

what i need? a lot!

so, let's go for it... #

plans #

trailer layout trailer layout

frame frame

buildup buildup