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what's here? #

here i will documentate the building of my vardo2 in india.


vardo v1 gots cancled almost a year ago cause of corona lockdown in udaipur. but i need something for shipping. about the 6th kitchen i bought till now! once it is enought! so görhadri-things needs shipped af once. 680px-Intermodal_Container_Locked_Door_-_Kolkata_2011-02-03_0363.JPG (cc-by-3.0 wikimedia-user:Gangulybiswarup)

a 10ft container, or an old US-conex-box seems best. i could also live in it during travel.

but i stocked on the vardo2-stowage-plan. my small netbook does not like 3d-cad. so i need to model it with openSCAD for getting a "blender"-render, for getting to know, where i can put my things in the container, so that i do not hurt my head all the time! it is coming... vardo2-openscad-parametric-container.png (thanks to cc-by-sa-4.0 Philipp Reichmuth (phrxmd))

plans #

container layout vardo10-grundriss-simple.png

there is still a lot outside of the container!!!

scho besser: vardo10-grundriss-simple-velo-unter-bett.jpg

s'chunt gueät!